Welcome to my website! As you already may know, dancing is my passion. Dancing is the most important part of my life!

I was born on june 15th 1983 in Weert, The Netherlands. I began Line-dancing at the age of 12, starting off doing social with my mom. After a few years i started doing competitions at the UCWDC. From that moment on dancing, with Line-dancing in particular, became a huge part of my life. In 2006 i moved to the European federation, the Worldcdf. The very same year i earned the title: Megastar and started my training with Louis van Hattem.

In 2010 i returned to the UCWDC to compete in the superstar division. While competing i have also shared my joy for dancing with other dancers, originating from many different countries, as a teacher and coach. Also i am active as a choreographer and pro am teacher. August 1th 2011 i started my own company for dancing: Roy Hoeben Dance-productions.

I starded coaching different dancers in several divisions including; Classic line-dance, Pro am and couples. My students originate from different countries like; France, Switserland, Spain and Holland. If you are interested in my coaching and you would like me to help improve your dancing, please fill out the contact form (above this page) and i will answer as soon as possible.


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  • this is what I'm doing or what I plan to do in the future:
  • Detonation Dance

    Birmingham England

  • Benelux Championships

    Mierlo Netherlands

  • City of Light

    Le plessis Robinson…
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Since 5 years I started with coaching dancers in several divisions, like Classic Linedance, Pro-Am and Couples.

I'm coaching dancers from different countries like: France, Switzerland, Spain and Holland.

If you are interested in my coaching and you want me to help to improve your dancing please fill in the contact form (above this page) and I will answer as soon as possible.


On this page you will find all reports of the events I have visit lately.


No , that is not a spelling error. It is my name spelled backwards. Writting Roy backwards, you get YOR. That's why i called this YOR STEPS. Here you will find all my new dances. I hope you have lots of fun using them.

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Roy Hoeben

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